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LED Kitten Touch Night Light

LED Kitten Touch Night Light

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Meet Your Adorable Bedside Companion: The LED Kitten Touch Night Light

Say hello to the purrfect addition to your nighttime routine with our LED Kitten Touch Night Light. Crafted from squishy silicone, this charming night light brings comfort and warmth to any space while offering a delightful touch of whimsy with its playful kitten design.


- Squishy Silicone Construction: Embrace the softness of our silicone night light.
    - Its squishy texture makes it perfect for cuddling and adds a comforting tactile experience to your bedtime routine.

- Touch-Activated Color Change: Easily switch between multiple colors with a gentle pat.

- Versatile Placement: Enhance any environment with its compact and portable design.

Add a dash of whimsy and warmth to your nights with our LED Kitten Touch Night Light. With its squishy silicone construction and touch-activated color change feature, it's the purrfect companion for bedtime cuddles and sweet dreams.





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